Swedish Preschool

Swedish preschool is for children who have Not Reached school age. The children are Divided into groups by age and maturity. They sing Swedish songs, play Swedish games, read stories in Swedish and do simple crafts. On the schedule are nature and theme days, as well as Swedish music and children’s literature. In the younger groups (Snails and Frogs) a parent’s presence is required, while the children are alone in the Squirrel (3.5-4.5 year olds) and the Rabbit classes (4.5-6 years).

The preschool Wants to Strengthen the Swedish Connection, as well as interest and prepare the children for Further Studies in the Swedish language. The Objective is for the children to be surrounded by and practice the Swedish language, Among Swedish-speaking children and adults, So THAT hey are Encouraged to Retain Their Swedish language. All the teaching is in Swedish. For the child to best assimilate the education, it is Important That The Swedish language is spoken in the home.

The preschool Also functions as a meeting place for parents where They can have a coffee (coffee) together, talk and share experiences.

Swedish School of Los Angeles