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Swedish Preschool

The Swedish Preschool is for children who have not yet reached school age.  The children are put into groups according to their age and maturity.  They sing Swedish songs, play Swedish games, listen to Swedish stories and participate in some simple art activities. Further activities include nature themedays, as well as listening to Swedish music and children’s literature.  In the younger groups (‘The Snails’ and ‘The Frogs’) one parent needs to be present in class. In ‘The Squirrels’ (3.5-4.5 year olds) and in ‘The Rabbits’ (4.5-5 year olds) the children are without a parent.

The goal of the preschool is to strengthen the students’ Swedish connections, as well as awake their interest and prepare them  for further studies in the Swedish language.  The children are surrounded by Swedish-speaking children and adults, in order to be encouraged to maintain their Swedish language.  All education is in Swedish only.  In order for the child to be able to best receive the education, it is of utmost importance that Swedish is spoken in the home.

The preschool is also functioning as a meeting point for families with small children, where you can ‘fika’ (have coffee) together, talk and exchange experiences.

Swedish School of Los Angeles